Molly Ward

Local girl launches book honouring the late Sr. Celine Mc Ardle

This week, Molly Ward, a fourteen year old student at Our Lady’s Secondary School, Castleblayney, launched a book “The Life And Legacy Of Sr. Celine Mc Ardle”. Molly chose to write about Sister Celine Mc Ardle for her Classroom Based Assessment Project. In compiling her book, Molly travelled the roads and byroads in order to conduct interviews and take photos, and source as much information as possible about Sr. Celine, who led and supported so many local women and men in the community over the years. Sister Celine was the founder of the ĺontas Theatre, which plays a big part in Castleblayney community, and set up many groups, which continue the legacy of the woman, who touched so many lives. Local minister Heather Humphreys TD, who participated in this event, said that she was “proud to have a wonderful generation of young, articulate women” like Molly Ward.

Molly Ward’s book can be purchased in the ĺontas Theatre for €10. All proceeds will go in support of Ukrainian people.

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