Castleblayney Market House Engagement

Monaghan County Council publish Public Engagement Report on Market House in Castleblayney.
Over 80 people registered to attend an online presentation on Wednesday night 7 April by AP+E, Miriam Delaney, Tara Kennedy & Orla Murphy, who completed the report. The next stage is to procure a design team to design the newly configured Market House interior and bring the project through the planning process. It is hoped to complete the design and planning stage by Q1 2022, with a view towards sourcing funding to facilitate the completion of construction work on the facility in 2023.


Click on the linkl below to see the Castleblayney Market House and Square Public Engagement Report PDF 

Castleblayney Market House Engagement - Report 
This report was produced by AP+E with Miriam Delaney, Tara Kennedy & Orla Murphy on behalf of Monaghan County Council