The 35 year journey

The 35 year journey recorded in the magazine highlights early projects of the group which included the publication of a folklore book ‘Along the Black Pigs Dyke’ a local Phone Directory and attempts to renovate the Temple building in Concra Woods and later attempts to refurbish the Market House building.

Details of the group’s role in managing the Scout Hall building after the collapse of scouting in the town in 1980’s and their work in completing two extensions to the Enterprise Centre building as well as the erection of a major Food Plant project is also clearly recorded in the Magazine.

The magazine is packed with colourful photographs with many depicting the extensive work carried out by groups in managing the highly popular and successful Muckno Mania Festival as well as long-term involvement with Peace related programmes.

There is also a descriptive account of how the group has promoted murals, art pieces, cross border projects and special competitions which promoted recycling and the involvement of young people in a vision of future plans for the town.

Many other illustrations are contained in the magazine which depicts the groups role in working in harmony with the Community and outlining its role in providing employment, creating workspaces for new start-ups and the staging of networking events and business exhibitions.

Chairman of Castleblayney Community Enterprise Gary Ogle who launched the magazine explained that the purpose of the magazine was to inform people about the organisations past, present and plans for the future he said, “Castleblayney Community Enterprise came in to existence at a time when the town and community faced many challenges. Ireland was in the midst of a recession and Castleblayney was no different to any other Irish town experiencing falling living standards, high unemployment and emigration.

From the outset Castleblayney Community Enterprise remained true to its aims and continuously promoted events and activities which advanced these aims, to foster good community spirit, to create employment, promote enterprise and act as a catalyst for encouraging genuine community development.

It is fitting therefore that this publication firstly records many of our groups achievements and at the same time acknowledges our indebtedness to the directors and staff, past and present, who have contributed greatly to our development and our success over the years. It is also important to recognise the continuous support we have received over the years from various local and national funding agencies and from within our local community including businesses, families and individuals, to all of whom we are very grateful.

The contents of this publication I believe, clearly maps our journey and serves as a reminder of the many things that have been accomplished over the years.  Furthermore I hope it also outlines our current services and activities and our commitment to continue our efforts to contribute to the local community. We look forward to embracing the challenges and opportunities that a new Enterprise and Innovation Hub building will present. We will work to ensure that together with our existing Enterprise Centre that both buildings will provide invaluable employment and work in tandem in delivering on our aims and objectives for Castleblayney and the surrounding area”.

Gary concluded by thanking all those who contributed to the success of the group over the past 35 years.  In particular he acknowledged the funding supports from Pobal under the Community Service Programme through the Department of Rural and Community Development from Monaghan County Council under their various programme measures, in particular Monaghan Peace Partnership and the LEADER Programme administered by Monaghan Integrated Development.