'ELSEWHERE' - First Look Concert

The concert will take place on Friday 29th November in St Maeldoid’s Church, Castleblayney at 8pm with doors opening at 7.30pm. This event will offer local audiences a chance to encounter a preview at its outset - two years before its world stage premiere at the Abbey Theatre.

This ground-breaking project is rooted in the story of the Monaghan Asylum Soviet of 1919, when the striking asylum workers barricaded themselves into the hospital, raising a red flag and declaring their independence. This was the first soviet commune to be mounted outside of the newly-established USSR.

In 'Elsewhere' Celine, hospital patient decades later, remains locked within the moment of the soviet. In her visions, Celine displaces herself into the role of the revolutionary Peadar O'Donnell, leader of the 1919 Soviet, invoking a world where history, ideology and fantasy collide.

Featuring a cast of seven singers and nine instrumentalists, `Elsewhere` presents a rich and diverse musical universe which jolts, glitches and fades from the exhilarating power of the hammered barricades to the deeply introspective universe of a vulnerable woman, forgotten in her incarceration. The libretto, co-written by Gallen with poet Annemarie Ní Churreain and playwright Dylan Coburn Gray, breaks the boundaries of traditional operatic form, allowing Celine's story emerge in a myriad of subtle and unexpected ways.

Elsewhere is the first production of Gallen's own music-theatre company - Straymaker, and is being made in collaboration with French ensemble Miroirs Étendus in association with the Abbey Theatre and Irish National Opera;  funded by The Arts Council and Creative Monaghan and Institut Francais  and with generous support from Íontas Arts Centre, Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris and Monaghan Arts Office.

Tickets are €15 and can be pre booked by calling Íontas Arts Centre on 042 975300 (This will be a ticket or cash only event)