Progress Report on Castleblayney Market House (9th Aug 2019)

The contractors, working under the guidance of the independent Structural Engineer and Conservation Architect, have requested an extension of time to complete additional structural supports to the walls of the Market House.

The delays in completing this phase of the works on the Market House are related to its deteriorating condition. Additional measures over and above the original work specification contracted were required to stabilise the structure.

It is anticipated that the portion of the road connecting Main Street to Market Square (west) will reopen on Thursday 15th August 2019. However, the road linking the Square to Muckno Street will remain closed until 30th August, subject to no further deterioration in the structure.

Monaghan County Council apologise for the inconvenience caused by the ongoing road closures, however the need to maintain a safe working area for the contractors and the safety of the public is the most important consideration.