Castleblayney Town Vouchers

Castleblayney Town Vouchers promoted by Castleblayney Regeneration Committee are the perfect gift this Christmas. To date, the Castleblayney Town Voucher Scheme has generated over €100,000 for the local economy.

Town Vouchers can be purchased from the following shops:

  • Enterprise Centre
  • The Post Office Gift Shop
  • Churchview Flowers & Garden Centre
  • Cozy Café

Vouchers can be redeemed in over 75 stores in Castleblayney, for a full list of business and shops click on the link below:
Shops and Businesses in Voucher Scheme

This Christmas businesses are being encouraged to consider availing of Castleblayney Vouchers to reward and recognise their employees. Under the Revenue’s Exemption Scheme employers can minimise their tax liability by using the Castleblayney Town Voucher up to a maximum of €500 for each employee.