Autism Information Evening

A free autism information evening `As I Am` with guest speaker Adam Harris will take place on Monday 19th November in Íontas Centre, Castleblayney at 8pm.

Adam Harris is a 23 year old social entrepreneur and founder-CEO of, an organisation working to build an Ireland where every person with Autism can “live and succeed as they are”. Adam established based on his experiences of living with Asperger’s Syndrome, a condition on the autism spectrum.

On the night Adam will discuss:

  • what autism is
  • how he worked with his own diagnostic and the effect on his early life
  • The organisation’s role in educational and advocacy work
  • What it’s like seeing autism through the eyes of an autistic person
  • Community Supports
  • The future - 3rd level/work/environment/Autism friendly towns (retail, public sector etc.) and new initiatives.

Registration will take place at 7.45pm

Everyone welcome