French Student to Assist Castleblayney Businesses

Castleblayney Regeneration was delighted to welcome Raphaël Robert, 18 year old IT French student, currently doing his internship in Castleblayney.

Raphael quickly set to work by completing an audit of the 82 businesses and shops who have signed up with the Castleblayney Regeneration Town Voucher scheme to see how active their businesses are on the internet and on social media. He will soon be contacting the companies he has identified who may need or wish to increase their visibility and will be able to guide and help them improve their digital footprint with the aim of creating more visibility online and business opportunities for them.

Alongside the Castleblayney Enterprise Centre training unit, he plans to run one to one and group courses training on the use and importance of SEO, Facebook and other social media avenues to increase business for local shops and businesses. He firmly believes that as the online reviews you get on your business increases, so too will your business.

Raphaël is also working with Castleblayney Enterprise centre where he is currently creating the new Castleblayney Enterprise Centre website and will take an active part in the forthcoming 20th Muckno Mania Festival which will take place 5th to 8th July. 

He is also able to translate your information such as menu’s, websites etc into French to increase your visibility and to reach out and attract French speaking tourists. If local food restaurants or businesses would like to avail of this service you can contact Raphael via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.