Information Session on Reducing Energy Costs

An information session on reducing energy cost for local business will take place on Thursday 10th May in the Castleblayney Enterprise Centre at 6pm.

This will be a short information meeting presented by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland for retailers and businesses who wish to reduce their energy bills.

The SEAI will explain the SME Supports for Lighting Upgrades .The Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland has launched a pilot programme to support SMEs in carrying out lighting upgrades. Typically, energy efficient lighting can save an SME between 50% to 90% on their lighting electricity costs.

SMEs, located in the Republic of Ireland, with less than 50 employees in the following sectors are eligible to apply: Fitness Centres, General and Food Retailers Jewellers Small Hotels/Large B&Bs Pharmacies Nursing Homes and applications can be from Individual SMEs or groups of SMEs.

The process is straight forward and the information session will cover what is involved, such as how to complete an application form and how to undertake a lighting survey.

The businesses will need to develop a delivery plan and be scheduled for completion by September 2018. All are welcome to attend.

This event is organised by Castleblayney Regeneration along with Castleblayney Sustainable Energy Group.