Don’t Dress For Dinner Fundraiser for Leanne

Íontas Arts & Community Recourse Centre will host a comedy play “Don’t Dress For Dinner” which will run Thursday 3rd May, Friday 4th May and Saturday 5th May with show starting at 8pm in the Íontas Centre, Castleblayney.

All proceeds will go towards the “For Leanne” fund.

Leanne Gallagher who worked in the Íontas Centre for years experienced a serious brain injury in October 2016. With the support of medical staff and through her own determination Leanne is recovering. However, this will be a long process and she will require support as she adapts to her new circumstances.

“Don’t Dress For Dinner” centres around Bernard and Jacqueline, a not-so-happily married couple, both of whom are having extramarital affairs.

Tickets cost €15 and can be obtained by following the link below: