St. Mary’s Church Closed for Renovations on 19th June

Renovation work on St. Mary’s Church in Castleblayney started on 19th June and will continue until 16th June 2018.

In the meantime St. Maeldoid’s Church of Ireland which is located on Church Street, Castleblayney has generously opened its doors to the Catholics for the duration of the closure of St. Mary’s Church. There has been widespread praise and acknowledgment of the kind offer which has been accommodated by the St. Maeldoid’s Church through their rector Rev Neal Phair.

There will be catholic weekly services, as well as Masses and other ceremonies, in the same building at different times, until work is completed next June.

The times are as follows:

Mon-Thurs 10am St. Maeldoid’s

Friday 7.30 pm St. Patrick’s Church, Oram

Saturday 11am & 7pm St Maeldoid’s

Sunday 9am St. Patrick’s Church, Oram and 11.45am St. Maeldoid’s

Weddings &Funerals: by arrangement

Baptisms: 3rd Saturday at St. Patrick’s & 4th Sunday at St. Maeldoid’s.

Adoration: Wednesday afternoon 2pm—6pm in the Parish Centre & Friday evening 4pm—7pm – in St. Patrick’s Church, Oram.

Note: Times and venue may change occasionally.