Muckno Cycling Club Family Fun Event 18th June

The newly formed Muckno Cycling Club will host its first National Bike Week event with some family fun activities this Sunday 18th June at Louth Muckno, Castleblayney at 2pm. Those participating shoud meet at the Hope Castle.

The National Bike Week is held over a week in June each year. It’s a celebration and promotion of all that is great about bikes and cycling.

Younger children (aged 4-9) are invited to bring their bikes along to Hope Castle at Louth Muckno, Castleblayney for some bike skills and the older kids (age 10-14) are invited to get on their bikes and join the road cycle.

All bicycles must be in good working order and helmets must be worn for this activity.  Also parents/guardians must stay with children for supervision purposes.