Compass Club by Coillte - An After School Programme

Compass Club by Coillte - An After School programme gives children a foundation in outdoor skills and activity from the age of 6 to 12. Running one day a week (over 6 weeks), courses are available throughout the school year, so even if you miss one there’ll be another starting soon after.

As well as a world of fun and friendship, afternoons filled with exciting, interesting outdoor activities that they will want to do over and over again, when you sign your child up to Compass Club, you are joining an activity that is built with Strengths Based Education principles interwoven throughout. For parents, this means that you are confident in the knowledge that the CompassClub team will be focused on your child’s strengths and bringing them to life, not on controlling, commanding or corralling your child. We can do this because we only operate with small groups of children in each of our After School courses.

With this focus it means that we are always looking for the positives and the strengths in your child so we’re always in encouragement and engagement mode.

Kids today get enough heavily structured activities, with loads of rules and directions and as a result they are losing the ability to responsibly think and do things for themselves like their parents had to. With Compass Club kids develop a sense of responsibility in a structured, broad way as we demonstrate, encourage and involve kids in how to be responsible for themselves and others while having fun and then we empower them to do just that! And, they absolutely love it!

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