Mis Ireland 2022

Castleblayney girl is the contender for the Miss Ireland 2022 title

26 year old Castleblayney girl Rachel Martin will represent Monaghan at the 75th Miss Ireland Competition to be held on August 20th in the Royal Theatre, Castlebar.  Rachel is one of 37 finalists competing for the title of Miss Ireland 2022 and she is delighted to be able to use this opportunity to highlight the struggles of those suffering from Motor Neurone Disease and hopes to raise as much money as possible for the Irish Association which assists people with this condition.  Rachel, the contender for the Miss Ireland 2022 title, enjoys running, meditation, reading and loves being outdoors.  Her recent interest is mindfulness – the concept of being grateful for everything in life and having a positive view on every situation.  She hopes to teach mindfulness to others in the future.  At the moment, Rachel lives in Dundalk and works as a Business Development Executive at Optimum Results, along with working at the Crown Plaza Hotel. People can follow Rachel’s Miss Ireland journey on her Instagram account @missmonaghan2022.

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