Lost Paradise Art Exhibition in Iontas

art exhibition in iontasIontas Castleblayney is currently running the art exhibition “Lost Paradise” by Irish artist Leonard Graham. The origins of the exhibition lie within the artist’s keen interest in the famous poem by John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”. The works are completed in oils showing fluidity to create an atmosphere from the poem’s interpretation.


One of the aims of Iontas is to provide space for initiative and innovation. This is promoted through all manner of educational, creative and artistic directions. This is highlighted in this current art exhibition, whereby it is promoting the artist’s work but also serves as a vessel by which the observer is encouraged to think, connect and rationalise what it is they think the artist in question is trying to achieve. This is a very important aspect of the centre’s aims and one that extends to the ardent art fan or casual viewer of such works.

Lost Paradise is available to view in the Iontas Foyer Gallery until Thursday 30th July 2015. It is open from 9am-9pm Monday to Friday.