Success of Muckno Mania Festival 2016

As the Saloon doors close on Muckno Mania 2016, we relive the success of this well established Festival, and one that generates positivity and community goodwill.

The four day event began on Thursday 7th July and the people of Castleblayney took up their all-inclusive invitation to this much anticipated event.

The theme of this year’s Festival was “Country & Western”. With the town’s natural affinity for and its heritage steeped in Country & Western music, it seemed only apt to dedicate the theme to it.

All events, activities and performances adopted the chosen theme with vigour, which made for a diverse, dynamic line up, thus creating an exuberant atmosphere and spirit that not even the unpredictability of Irish summertime weather could dampen!

Overall, this Festival has once again re-generated town and community spirit. It mobilises the community and businesses of Castleblayney by focusing on developing a bespoke experience for all.

Engaging the community and locals has made the Festival what it is. Its positive impact provides an unrivalled social dividend with endless socio-cultural benefits for the town.

Organisers wish to thank each and every person who contributed and participated in this intrinsically local event. Thank you for embracing the theme and generating a sense of civic pride we can all enjoy.

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