Muckno Mania Festival 7th -10th July 2016

2016 will see the Muckno Mania Festival enter its 18th year and it promises all the fun and intrigue we have all come to expect from such an interactive and diverse festival over the years.

This year Muckno Mania is going Country and Western! With the town’s natural affinity for and its heritage steeped in Country and Western music, it seemed only apt that we should dedicate the theme to it.

The four day event that will begin on Thursday 7th of July has become one of the most anticipated annual festivals in the North East. Emphasis on family entertainment and focus on the arts ensure the festivals success and popularity.

Much preparation is going on behind the scenes and there are already some new additions to this year’s line up, among them are; Jiving Workshops, Craft Your Raft and a Big Country Night on Saturday 9th July.

Added to this are exciting plans to attempt another Guinness World Record and therefore extend our total to four successful records.

More details will be available soon.